They’ve been running Windows 11 on this Panasonic laptop for over 10 years now

This YouTuber also dares to install Windows 11, but on a Japanese laptop from more than 10 years ago.

There was controversy when Microsoft About Windows 11, released with the minimum requirements so that it can run on our laptops, many of them have been excluded from the equation.

But over the months, users have had a run for it Windows 11 operating system On all types of devices, laptops fall far short of the technical requirements announced by Redmond.

Recently, however, they were able to run Windows 11 on a PC with only 176MB of memory, 23 times less than the minimum requirements recommended by the North American company.

Perhaps the milestone that we are going to talk about now is not as great as its predecessor, but it certainly deserves admiration, because they managed to run Windows 11 on an old PC. laptop From Panasonic, released more than 10 years ago.

Specifically, he was a YouTuber This does not count Who posted a video of how he was able to install and run Windows 11 on this Japanese Panasonic laptop.

Actually we are talking about the laptop Panasonic Toughbook CF-S10 It was launched just in time to be a laptop that can even be taken on trips, due to its more durable and resistant design.

The video goes through the full specs and tour of all the hardware, and explains how he went through this installation process.

within Microsoft It runs on Windows 12, and your current laptop probably won’t be able to install it, although it might have been possible on a PC from 10+ years ago.

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