They will protest in Costa Rica against the legal public employment project – Prinsa Latina

In calling for the demonstration, the National Council of University Presidents (Konare) requests all university students to educate residents of this educational and national level of the importance of this type of public centers for the country.

It also maintains the constitutional respect for the independence of the university in the sense of independence to perform its functions and full legal capacity to acquire rights and contract obligations, as well as grant itself to its organization and government. The protesters burn the texts of the aforementioned legal proposal.

According to Konare, it is inappropriate to give the position of the head of the civil service to the Minister of Planning, because it could reflect the depoliticization of the civil service system defended by the political constitution by transferring the authority to appoint a director general to the legislature.

Recently, Finance Minister Elian Vilgas told Enfoques space for digital news program that public universities should be within the public employment law and not as excluded, as some MPs would like, especially from the opposition. National Liberation Party.

The aforementioned legal project seeks to standardize salaries in the public sector, in search of savings in the millions of dollars that would allow to reduce the high fiscal deficit of the central government, but unions, MPs, and even employers reject it.

As an example, the lawmaker for the ruling Citizen Labor Party, Wilmer Ramos, emphasized that the initiative involves a lot of improvisation, noting that the civil service does not have the capabilities to make appointments in some public institutions, and stressed that universities need a system entirely. It differs from other centers.

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