They will attend the health delay with IMSS-Well-being in Guerrero – El Sol de Acapulco

In launching the IMSS-Welfare Project in Guerrero, Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda considered that this project would address the delays that It is kept in health matters in the entity.

During the event at the Donato G. Alarcón Hospital in Ciudad Renacimiento, where the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, was present, Salgado Pineda confirmed that he is in Guerrero Progress is being made through the support of the Government of the Republic.

In his letter, he indicated that in the entity there was an abandonment of hospitals, as there were only buildings, but there was a shortage of doctors and medicines. to the most remote communities.

He said that with this project Health services are consolidated To all they indicated that in Guerrero they support the health model implemented by the Government of the Republic, “just as we have done with all the transformative efforts of the Government of Mexico”.

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The governor added that to meet the needs of the population, they launched health convoys, which he uses Population from different regions of the entity.

He noted that currently IMSS-Benestar, Intervenes in 42 hospitals of the entity that is already part of this project and noted that with “this new model we will address the historical lag in health”.

I realized it was necessary to do, But he confirmed that they jump by leaps and bounds With the support of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and thanks to the President of IMSS, Zoé Robledo for embodying this project in Guerrero.

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He assured that they will continue to search for all the savings until the budget arrives and the residents who attend can be well taken care of To receive free medical care To achieve this, he said, “austerity will be applied.”

Evelyn Salgado, noting that after 4 years of transformation “we reaffirm that it is a great honor to be with Obrador” and stated that they will continue the path of hope, To stay in the area more than the office.

He promised to keep moving forward in pending cases, that benefit the people of Guerrero, always on the side of converting the people of Mexico

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