They teach robotics on summer courses at the Explora Science Center – El Sol de León

Lyon, Gto. – In the Explora Science Center It offers face-to-face summer courses related to robotics, science, and fun sciences, drawing workshops, some related to science research and astronomy for children ages 4 to 12, which will end the second week of August.

Maximum capacity 100 children, but above all it is about a healthy distance, taking care of children and following municipal and state health recommendations.

Gerardo Ibarra Aranda, the director of the Explora Science Center commented that on this occasion people chose face-to-face mode and that there are no registrants in the default mode, because people are tired of the default.

He explained, “We have received a very good response from the people, with the capacity we expected, with all health issues and in coordination with the Health Directorate and the Ministry of Health.”

They commented that in 2020, the courses were completely virtual, and now they are happy with the response of people and that they have face-to-face activities in Explores.

He said that this year they are ready to receive people, and in the case of the hypothetical Explora, it will continue and will be on a par with direct projects.

For this second semester of the year with the Explora transformation and the opening of new rooms, the Environmental Education Center and new educational projects, They expect gradual help from people from the state and beyond.

“We are happy, people are still analyzing the issue of going back to school, what the Covid issue will be like. We are confident that little by little we will have to revitalize activities to get back to the normal state we had with the new operating models that have been developed,” he concluded.

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