They tattooed his favorite sneakers on his feet: ‘Now you can stop paying for shoes’

The famous tattoo artist in the UK, Dean Gunther, published in his networks the work done by a man who decided to tattoo his sneakers so that he would never have to buy shoes again.

A man has his favorite pair of shoes tattooed on his feet because he is “tired of paying” for new shoes.

Manchester-based tattoo artist Dean Gunther, 34, is originally from Belleville, South Africa, He revealed how his client wanted to tattoo his beloved Nike shoe.

Recently the artist went viral after saving a fortune with a gym membership By giving him a permanent six-pack tattoo, And it looks like it won’t stop there, as its latest design is arguably more exotic.

By sharing his creations on TikTok and Instagram, where a video featuring the art has garnered more than two million views and counting, Dean reveals how he painted a tattoo of a pair of shoes on a client’s feet.

“I wanted to give the illusion that a person is wearing shoes, even if they are barefoot”Dean told “It will definitely make you look twice.”

Dean found the shoe his client liked the most, saw the 360-degree photo, and then painted it on his foot, raised.

It took Dean about two hours and eight more hours to tattoo the piece on his feet.

A social media user commented on the idea of ​​permanent shoes and said: “They will last you forever.” “You’ll save a fortune on sneakers,” Another person added.

This is how I took care of a man’s feet after Dean Gunther’s tattoo

“Wow, brave man, both feet”, Another user wrote, visibly surprised that a customer could bear the pain of getting this part of the body tattooed.

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The Dean said: “Manual tattooing was the most challenging part. I had to make sure everything flowed with the contours of the body.”

“The model wouldn’t work in this case, so it’s all with a show of hands. Once it was put on, the tattoo was easy.” continuous.

Dean moved to the UK five years ago and opened his studio in Greater Manchester under the name DG Tattoo art.

He started inking people at just 21 years old and always looked for ways to help his patrons and the local community.

“He was tired of paying for shoes so he decided to get my favorite Nikes husband tattooed and he could see the fun side of it. Definitely a great conversation starter. His wife loves it too.”added about his latest work.

The Dean who recently won The best in the show At the Liverpool Tattoo Conference with a stunning African-inspired tattoo that took three days to complete, he also hinted at his next tattoo.

He says it would be one of the most emotional pieces he’d ever tried, hoping to raise awareness of cancer.

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