They signed an agreement for the College of Veterinary Sciences to have a building of its own

After much negotiation and planning, Castilda’s School of Veterinary Sciences will finally be able to operate on its building. This is the reason for the attendance of various parties of all levels this morning to sign the agreement that will allow the start of the implementation of the project.

The event began with a tour of the property ending in Plot No. 2B on Belgrano Street, where it will be the new entrance to the future building. In fact, the work will be a complex of six buildings that will include a dean, laboratory and other essential spaces to develop properly.

The implementation of the project is expected to start in the second quarter of 2021. Today, after the signing of the agreement, the various actors required for this decision gave two hints.

The first to address the attendees and the various media that covered the meeting was Mayor Andres Goloseti: This solidifies the idea of ​​the city. It’s a world that demands more and more high-quality food and this is a historic opportunity. It will chart the path of new generations, and education dedicated to serving production is the key to the future. “

On their part, the attendees emphasized the necessary investment to obtain quality public education; Everyone is talking about education and public education, but it requires huge investments. Most students study law, management, accountancy, psychology, and architecture, but a few of them study production-related things. So they lack infrastructure, scholarships, teacher salaries, and projects. This project will ensure that productive occupations up to the task. ” Manifested. “We who are in charge of the administration cannot improvise anymore, nor can we take more shortcuts.”They argued.

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In addition, the head of the United Nations, Franco Bartolacci, confirmed this “Activating this would pay off the debts, guarantee better conditions for study, work and the production of knowledge. It works to restore and appreciate the heritage of our university. There are many people who go through it and we have no right to fail.”

Finally, both the Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Catopods, and the governor of Santa Fe County, Omar Beiruti, spoke about the country’s reconstruction and how good business and education are indispensable to make it happen. “We are very confident that this message coming from the city will strengthen the province and allow us to generate these events throughout the province, affecting the entire province.” The ruler closed.

The project is very important for both the county and also for public education, which is why the mayor of Castilda, Andres Goloseti; Nation Public Works Secretary, Martin Gill; Secretary for University Policies at the Ministry of Education, Jaime Berzek; Dean of the College of Veterinary Sciences, Mariano Garate; Dean of the National University of Rosario, Franco Bartulaci; Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Catopods; And the ruler of Santa at Omar Beiruti.

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