They reveal that Salma Hayek asked Barbara de Rigel for advice and an exercise routine

In mid-April this year, it was reported that 55-year-old actress and producer Old, Salma Hayekto Mexico City to start filming a new project called I Want Your Life, along with Zoría Vega, Eric Elias, Jesus Zavala, Natalia Telles and Barbara de Regel.

This new bar is created exclusively for the free streaming platform ViX Televisa and Univision, directed by Jorge Colon and Rosa window productionSalma Hayek, production house. It should be noted that production is also carried out by the Mexican company.

For her part, actress, businesswoman and influential The Mexican, Barbara de Rigel, announced the news with all her followers and revealed that she has worked a lot on her character and that the audience will undoubtedly be pleased with the result because it is the opposite of what she usually does.

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