They request UK intervention before the disappearance of a woman who protested the mayor of Nochixtlán

Oaxaca de Juarez – relatives Claudia OrochortoWho disappeared on March 26 near the Municipal Palace Asuncion NotchestlanThey went to the Ombudsman for Human Rights for the People of Oaxaca (DDHPO), to demand precautionary measures, as they had received threats in recent days.

So they requested the intervention of the local authorities and the UK government in the case.

Claudia’s sister, Elizabeth, stated that the disappeared woman was deprived of her freedom in protest against Morinista Mayor Lisbeth Victoria.

Prior to the protest, Claudia filed several complaints with OSFE Oaxaca, accusing her of misusing public resources in the current municipal administration.

He repeated that according to witness accounts, he learned that a woman was forcibly taken in a red truck. Presumably, it’s all about Claudia.

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Elizabeth reported that on March 30th, it was reported that the body of a person had been discovered by residents of the Los Cantaros area, in Mexica, but when investigating agents went, they found nothing.

Later, they went to Claudia’s house to ask if the key found in that place belonged to the disappeared woman; The result is positive.

“This means that he should have been in that area after his disappearance,” Elizabeth said.

Photo: Edwin Hernandez

For her part, Heidi, Claudia’s other sister, took the floor to ask the authorities to investigate her sister’s whereabouts. “Claudia’s life depends on the speed with which the investigations are carried out,” he said.

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Likewise, he extended a call for solidarity with organizations and human rights defenders to demand Claudia’s location, while human rights institutions have requested precautionary measures for her family, since Claudia’s disappearance, the suspicious cars that were visiting his home and relatives received threatening calls.

In the meantime, they asked the Oaxaca Congress to start the process of the disappearance of the authorities in Asunción Notchikestlan, and they also asked the national president of the National Renewal Movement (Morena) to withdraw Lizbeth Victoria from running for re-election to mayor. Focuses on the complaints made by Claudia before her disappearance.

On the other hand, as British citizens, they requested the intervention of the UK government to implement corresponding interventions in the case.

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