They reported that the CIA was secretly training Ukrainian special forces that would act as a “rebellion” in case of “interference” by Russia.


17 one 2022 00:12 GMT

Former CIA and Homeland Security officials said the program includes training in weapons use, camouflage techniques, ground navigation, “cover and move” tactics, and intelligence.

The CIA oversees a secret training program for Ukrainian special forces, mentioned Yahoo this week, citing several former agency members and former Homeland Security officials.

According to their data, the program, which is being implemented in the southern United States, began in 2015, during the era of Barack Obama, and was expanded during the presidencies of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Several former officials also noted that paramilitary groups that worked with the CIA began visiting eastern Ukraine in 2015 for consultations.

The program reportedly included training in the use of weapons, camouflage techniques, land navigation, “cover and move” tactics, intelligence and other areas.

Program Goals

For multi-week workout goals, Yahoo sources provided mixed information.

The purpose of the training […] was lending Collection assistance [de datos] intelligenceA senior intelligence official said.

Meanwhile, a former senior official in the field stated that “specific skills training would improve” The capabilities of the Ukrainian forces to resist the Russian army In the event of the Moscow attack in the end. There are also reports that the program included “tactical objects” that could be used “as an attack if the Russians invade Ukraine”.

At the same time, a former CIA official familiar with the details of the program claimed that the target was “Rebellion Training” Teaching the Ukrainian army how to “kill Russians”. A former senior intelligence official said the trained military would be “rebel leaders” in the event of a Russian invasion, adding that the United States had trained them for 8 years and “they are very good fighters.”

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Information in this regard, however, was not confirmed by the CIA. Spokesperson Tammy Thorpe noted that Statements about insurgency training ‘simply false’.

Accusations without evidence that Russia is preparing to intervene in Ukraine

This post comes as the West accuses Russia of preparing an attack on Ukraine, without always providing evidence.

Moscow, which has repeatedly denied all statements in this regard, denied these accusations and described them as “hysteria” in the media and He denounced the militarization of the neighboring country by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov hung On Saturday, it published the latest reports that attributed to Russia the preparation of an alleged provocation in Ukraine and confirmed that Moscow does not carry out such measures against Kiev, stressing that the US authorities did not provide evidence of its accusations. “We hear […] A statement from Mr. Sullivan, who promised to publish proof of the accusations within 24 hours, if I’m not mistaken. We are still waiting for those testsThe spokesman detailed, referring to the assertions of the US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, who said on Thursday that “Russia is laying the groundwork for the option to create a pretext for the invasion” of Ukraine.

Peskov noted that “we live in a world of accusations and fake news, a world of lies” and “as long as this is not proven by something visible or obvious”, Moscow will continue to believe that “these are false news and false accusations.”

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