They promote healthy eating among the elderly. – Bulletins of dependencies

Guanajuato, Gto; March 19, 2023. – The System of Integrated Development of the Family (DIF) promotes a healthy life for users of the Spaces of Development in Aging (EDG), through a virtual chat: “Recommendations for a proper diet for the elderly”, to prevent disease and maintain physical and mental health.

Speaking to Seniors and coordinators of the Aging Space About Food, registered dietitian Mariana Amor Mendoza shares her best dish-preparation habits and tips for staying energized through various workouts.

Community Promotion Manager, Daniel Gallegos Hernandez He explained that by coordinating food guidance and assistance, he seeks to provide relevant information to beneficiaries and workers in municipal DIF systems to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy life through a healthy, varied and adequate diet.

“We have gathered to share practical recommendations that promote the integration of the right diet, highlighting the importance of the health and nutrition of senior citizens who have connected to the virtual chat through the Municipal DIF platforms,” he states.

Nutrition expert Mariana Amor Mendoza He pointed out that health is not only suffering from diseases, but people should be in a state of complete well-being, both physical and mental, to improve the quality of life.

“I see nutrition as not just the food we put in our mouths and that we put on our table, nutrition is everything that fuels our bodies, it’s the energy we get every day, it’s what we read, it’s our feelings, it’s the environment in which we move, and it’s what nourishes us,” he said.

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Likewise, he highlighted the importance of acquiring tools that help to know how to take care of food, in addition to exercising regularly and maintaining a positive mind to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

Among the recommendations, eat avocados, unheated olive oil, seeds, almonds, walnuts or shredded coconut on a daily basis. In addition to legumes such as: beans, lentils, chickpeas, beans and peas at least every third day.

Finally, the nutritionist highlighted the importance of exercising 150 minutes per week, according to the World Health Organization, such as walking, jogging, stretching, and other activities.


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