They post a doctored photo of Kate Middleton to stop the rumours

but, Image “manipulated”with editing and photomontage, was discovered by major international agencies, including Reuters, Agence France-Presse (AFP) and Associated Press (AP).

On Sunday, the editors of these newspaper companies recognized this “Contradictions” in the picture They informed their clients – major international newspapers – that the photo was not real.

The scandal began to grow and Kate herself had to come out to clarify the situation and apologize. “Like many amateur photographers, I experiment with editing from time to time.”said the Princess of Wales.

I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion. Which caused the family photo we shared yesterday. “I hope everyone celebrating Mother’s Day is very happy.”

Full photo posted by Kate Middleton.

Full photo posted by Kate Middleton.


The text was broadcast on the official channels of Kensington Palace, and was signed with a “C” (for Catherine), proving that it was a letter written by Middleton.

What was the picture?

In the photo published by Kensington Palace, on the occasion of Mother's Day in Great Britain, Kate appears sitting, embraced by her three children. Charlotte, Louis and George.

The monarchy was responsible for clarifying this She was taken in by her husband, Guillermo. In the text of the post, Kate said: “Thank you for your kind wishes and continued support over the past two months. I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day.”

AndThis is the first photo after his abdominal surgery on January 16, about which very little is known, which is why it was of such great importance. It was quickly published by all British media.

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The editors of Agence France-Presse, Reuters and Associated Press published it, but after a few hours they removed it, explaining that there was “Inconsistency in the alignment of Princess Charlotte's left hand”.

Kate's daughter's doll looks homeless In relation to the end of the right sleeve of his jacket, with the remainder of the sleeve missing. As the photo spread widely on social media, many users discovered other signs that it had been modified.

Post by Kate Middleton.jpg

Kate Middleton's tweet.


Rumors and theories

Kate (42 years old) spent 13 nights in the London clinic near Regent's Park in the center of the British capital, after undergoing abdominal surgery, the details of which were not known. It was only clarified that it was not cancer.

What draws the attention of the British media is that he disappeared for a long time, without providing reasonable medical explanations.

Matt Wilkinson, of the sunkeep it up “There has been a lot of nonsense on social media about Kate’s condition.”. “Kensington Palace had to come out and talk about whatAbsolute remedy for some comments He pointed to the crazy conspiracy theories that have been spread online.

Newspaper guardianFor her part, she indicated that the photo will be published “after that.” Social networks will be flooded with conspiracy theories About his whereabouts as rumors about his health began to appear.

London correspondent for the conservative Spanish newspaper ConfidentialityHe explained that in recent weeks there have been a series of crazy stories about what happened to the princess.

One of them, he says, is that Kate suffers from depression Because her husband, Guillermo, has a mistress and asked for a divorce. “The rumor mill slips through unexpected cracks,” he notes.

“In the interviews with international correspondents witnessed by this journalist, even the most serious of them are now questioning the line of succession, ensuring that Prince William has an eldest son out of wedlock“, points out the El Confidencial correspondent.

British media blame poor press management by Buckingham Palace. “It is the problem of providing small pieces of informationThe BBC said in this sense: “It is enough to raise more questions and not enough to provide answers.”

For this reason, and in view of the rumours, the British authorities published a photo of Kate with her family, showing that she is in good health and supported by her husband. But the manipulation had a rebound effect.

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