They partially accept the indigenous people’s objection to the Ecuador-Prensa Latina elections

The request by the political arm of indigenous peoples and nationalities focused on the review of 20,534 electoral records, which, in the organization’s view, represented contradictions.

Of this total, only 31 reflected irregularities, 10 of which were numerical discrepancies and 21 lacked corresponding signatures.

Another 340 news were identified by the computer system and were listed during the public hearings of the regional electoral councils, for which no new census was taken, due to the current jurisprudence, as was considered by the National Electoral Council.

Likewise, this case did not accept a voter comparison request among the personalities of the presidential double-edged president, members of the National and Regional Assembly, and Andean parliamentarians.

In this sense, the highest electoral body warned that the appeal does not constitute any of the grounds specified in Article 138 of the Democracy Law or the Elections Law.

The review will begin immediately in the provinces corresponding to those 31 documents.

The decision was made by a vote of four of the five directors (Luis Verdezzuto, Enrique Pitta, Jose Cabrera and Diana Atamant) with a replacement cast member Estella Acero, Andres Leon, abstaining. In the opinion of CNE, Yaku Perez, Pachakotec’s senior candidate in the republic, is still in third place in the presidential election held on February 7.

For the second round of elections on April 11th, Andres Arause, of the Union for Progressive Hope, and Guillermo Laso, of the center-right CREO coalition, were approved.

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