They managed to mix human and squid cells

A scientific team succeeded in mixing human and squid cells

This may be the first step towards stealth technology

To this day, the only way to make a human blend in so they disappear is through it edit photos. We can even do this using the cool Google Photos functionality that allows us to change the color of an object with a single touch. However, if what we want is to achieve in the real world…it is Practically impossible. At least for now, as a team of scientists claims to have investigated achieve the same camouflage capabilities of cephalopods in mammalian cells. This is not just an experience without more, but it delivers Huge amount of knowledge about cell structures and the chemistry that holds them together It gives them certain properties.

Having said that, let’s see what capabilities and applications it has This could be in the futureand the value it can bring to us today.

The first step towards creating the perfect camouflage

In general, some cephalopods are able to camouflage thanks to changes in hue. some managed to become transparentAlmost to invisibility. Like the one you can see in the photo that tops this news. In this way, a team of researchers from the University of California, Irvine hypothesized whether This can be replicated by human cells. As they indicated in urbantechnoNow, a group of scientists led by Alon Gorodetsky has made surprising progress and they’ve demonstrated it at a conference American Chemical Society.

The results are very exciting because not only were they able to better understand the biology of cephalopods, but they were also able to replicate these transparent membranes of the skin of Cephalopods in mammalian cells Make them have the same characteristics. This is a step forward on a clear path towards transhumanism and the improvement of camouflage technology. In parallel, it has allowed scholars Learn more about cell types and how they work.

For years, they’ve had a clear idea from Gorodetsky’s team: to study the proteins that make cells invisible. However, they quickly changed their focus when they came up with an idea that seemed implausible:

“So we had this crazy idea to see if we could capture some aspects of the ability of squid skin tissue to alter transparency within human cell cultures.”

The issue is that this technology finally worked, they were able to successfully apply these properties to human cells. Now, for now, what is the straightforward application that has this functionality? The truth is For now it will not make us invisible. What you can get is New ways to find cells in lab cultures, we can better understand the growth of cells and all these developments that provide a lot of information. However, it was also fundamental to Understand what cephalopod cells are, because until now it has not been possible to successfully grow them in the laboratory. Therefore, the course of these investigations is very ambitious.

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