They manage to get little Sofia to UMAE 71 for her medical care; Keep calling for support

Thanks to the support she received from her family, who remained sober despite the distance, as well as the support of the Lakes who joined the cause, little Sofia Hernandez was transferred to the Highly Specialized Medical Unit (UMAE) 71 of IMSS for her care.

The two-and-a-half-year-old girl has been admitted to intensive care at the Children’s Hospital of the University of Torreon since July 3, and yesterday, Wednesday, at around 1:00 pm, she was transferred to the said unit.

Sofia traveled with her mother, Yarit Abigail Hernandez Vicente, and her aunt, Sheila, to Torreon for the holidays, as they are both originally from the municipality of Ecatepec, Mexico State.

“With your donations and the support of the family, it was possible to cover the account of the children’s hospital and the transportation of the ambulance,” it was posted on the account of the If You Accompany Me Do Not Surrender Association, which remained attentive and provided support to the family of the little girl, who has no family or friends in this city.

(horn of turreon)

As reported, it was on the third day after her arrival when the little girl was doing somersaults in the bed of the hotel where they were staying.

“I was playing with ropes, the first one went fine, he came down laughing, he got up again to work the same mechanisms, he started laughing but immediately came crying. It was all inside the bed, she didn’t fall or anything, and it wasn’t that hard,” explained Sheila, who was like a second mother to the little girl.

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“Then she started laughing and immediately the tears started, then she said that her little arm hurt a lot and in good health, she turned around and her back was in pain after that, and she could no longer move. They brought her to this hospital, and today she is unfortunately in intensive care, she is very sensitive, and she needs a lot of studies,” Sheila said.

Although the diagnosis initially given was acute spinal cord injury, today there is no exact diagnosis, although it has been dealt with that it could be an immunological thing.

Because the baby girl’s diagnosis remains uncertain, the call for support continues.

Account numbers are: 4169 1604 8485 8494 from Bancoppel, in the name of Sheila Hernández, and account Santander 5579 1003 5813 4334. Also in the name of Sheila Hernandez. The contact number is 561-411-7971.

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