They highlight the broad participation in Nicaragua's regional elections (+photo)

“We are at this stage of receiving copies of the minutes and results and we are anticipating a final direction at midnight, and what needs to be highlighted here is the active participation of indigenous people, communities of African descent, and people of the Coast in this ninth regional election,” he noted. .

According to press reports, at six o'clock in the evening local time, they closed the ballot receiving stations that did not have voters at that time to vote, and then they transported the ballot papers to the local counting centers and began the auditing process.

Images taken in the southern Caribbean coastal region show activists from the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) transporting materials to counting centres.

According to Castro, CSE has made great progress and has fully automated protected systems that ensure that every vote counts and is respected.

In the so-called “Victorious Caribbean Elections 2024”, 180 regional councillors, including proprietors and replacements, were elected; 14 political parties participated in the five ballot boxes.

In addition, 4,506 JVR members, 7,510 election prosecutors including proprietors and alternates and 1,855 electoral police were present, who ensured a peaceful, transparent and fair election, CSE confirmed.

In these elections, about 500,000 people over the age of 16 were summoned to vote.


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