They have created a ‘summer version’ Spanish omelette in the UK and what you guessed it happens

The summer season and good weather bring new foods to enjoy. In Spain, gazpacho, salmorejo, lots of fruit and less elaborate foods are usually consumed compared to winter.

But back in the UK, they’ve had another idea that’s been talked about a lot on Twitter: the Spanish “summer version” tortilla to which, for whatever reason, they’ve added a little coconut in addition to the onion.

“The British are doing it again. Look closely at the label,” said the person who shared Tesco’s own product, the Spanish equivalent of Mercadona’s.

How could it be otherwise, the post has received hundreds of thousands of reactions and comments of all kinds. Here are some of them: “Concebollistas and Sincebollistas must put aside our differences to unite against a new common enemy: potato tortillas with coconut.”

Content creator SuperPilopi says, “What you should care about isn’t the bloody AI but the damned English language has brought ‘Spanish’ potato omelette with coconut. Let’s see if we start focusing on the conflicts that really matter, like hell.”

Another comment on Twitter: “Well, I hope now that all of us Valencians in Spain understand when we tell you that with paella not everything is worth it. Because it is exactly that, if you do what you want these things can happen. We totally feel it.”.

That omelette got to James Rhodes himself, Spain’s representative for all that the UK means, who said with the same tone of humor as anyone on the networks: “Oh England. Coconut omelette. Because it’s summer. I love my English friends but I’m so glad I emigrated.”

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