They go on to a third generation of masters degree in Sports Science

The Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports (FCFD), from the highest university in the entity, is in the third generation of its Master of Sports Science program, which starts its academic year in mid-August.

This was announced by Luis Abel Solano Santiago, FCFD Postgraduate Coordinator, explaining that the philosophy of the project is to train teachers from a professional orientation, based on an interdisciplinary perspective supported by research processes that generate innovative solutions to problems facing the mathematical context.

In this generation, the graduate program will be specializing in physical activity and health promotion, after the first two generations focus on sports training for high performance, Solano Santiago explained.

The master’s degree lasts for two years, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

At the moment they are in the selection and registration process, to make room later for interviews, as they will learn more about the applicant profile.

The call is open to qualified professionals in the educational, athletic and health fields, coaches, nutritionists, physiotherapists and even legal professionals.

The coordinator indicated that 22 students in the first generation have been registered, who will graduate in July, and the second generation, which includes 12 students, in the middle of the course.

On this third trip, the directors have a space for a maximum of 30 teachers, and they hope to attend classes in person, as they have adapted to a virtual environment due to the pandemic.

“This specialization is not available in the state and in the south of the country, especially when sports require it, and for this reason, through mastery, it is intended to enhance the skills of athletes, as there are cases in which there are excellent athletes, and the interviewee commented.” “.

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He considered that the health crisis revealed the importance of exercise and physical activity, expressing his hope that future crises will support health promotion through sport.

For more information, applicants can consult the LED UABJO School of Culture and Sports social networks, or go to the college facilities, in Calle Jorge L. Tamayo without a number, Colonia Candiani, or call the phone number: 9511417686.

In conclusion, the Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies emphasized that all MA subjects have respected and certified speakers, some of whom work on research issues within the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (Conade) and at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). ).

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