They found a possible part of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs

A group of scientists announced that they found fossil from U.S dinosaur With possible parts of meteor Which is associated with the extinction of species more than 66 million years ago.

Paleontologist Robert de Palma emphasized that if it was possible to identify and confirm that it was a small part of an asteroid, it would be a landmark discovery for the world of science.

If we can identify it, and we’re going to do it, we’ll be able to say, “Unbelievable, we know what it was.

Robert De Palma said, during a talk at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt.

On the other hand, according to the

It was confirmed that a group of scientists found a dinosaur leg in North Dakota in the United States, confirming that the dinosaurs died and were buried on the same day that an asteroid struck the Earth.

How was the new dinosaur found in China?

Yuxisaurus kopchicki is a new subclass of thyrophorans, commonly known for their strong dorsal armor. The fossils Found meticulously revealed armor


This species was herbivores, at the beginning of its development it was bipedal, however, over time, quadrupedal specimens began to develop, noticeably larger in size. Thyreophores have been dated from 1 m, in the lighter species, up to 10 m in the strong Quaternary species.

The fossils Found in China, indicates that this specimen inhabited the Earth 190 million years ago (Lower Jurassic). This makes it the oldest specimen found in Asia, with other finds having an average age of 150 million years.

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Paul Barrett, a merit researcher at the Natural History Museum in London, explained that fossils She found that she had screws that “covered the neck, back, and limbs.” The English scientist explained that these properties could “protect” them from attacks of larger species.

150 fossil remains allow the identification of a new dinosaur

The dinosaur Yuxisaurus kopchicki is found in the southern region of Yunnan, by the Faculty of Biological Sciences of Yunnan University. Specifically, the fossils It was found in Yuxi City, located in the center of the province, which is why the new dinosaur received his name.

Chinese scientists published the discovery this week in the journal “eLife,” where they described the fossils Found. This includes the skulls, limbs, shields, and axial skeleton of dinosaur.

In the article, the authors describe each part of the skeleton, which corresponds to an armor-like structure.

They were able to identify the new subclass, thanks to the fact that they found unambiguous characteristics in the cranial and postcranial part of the animal, which revealed signs of armor.

More than 150 relics fossils They were found, they were first identified in 2017, and now the first results of their analyzes have revealed that it was the first possible “armed” dinosaur that once existed in Asia. “The new dinosaur found in China is the oldest therofuran found in Asia so far,” said research co-author Bi Shundong.

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