They formalized the development of the Ben Affleck success sequel

Five years later, one of Ben Affleck’s most iconic films of recent years will get a sequel. These are the director’s plans.

Ben Affleck He is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood in recent times. In addition, in recent days it has become a trend in the media at the international level. He said anger about the professional not only because he got back into his relationship with him Jennifer Lopez, but because your schedule is having one of its best moments.

The translator did extra work last year Justice League Zack Snyder. Currently preparing to join filming Sparkle, which is implemented in United kingdom. That wouldn’t be the only thing cooking for the celebrity track.

Recently exited Gavin O’Connor Confirmed that it will extend the story Counter, a film that Affleck starred in in 2016, through a sequel. Plans for such a project are already underway and it wouldn’t be the only thing.

Aside from the continuity, everything indicates that it will be a trilogy. The family relationship between the protagonist and the plot antagonist will be the central focus of what is to come around the aforementioned plot. These were the author’s words:

“There will be no sequel to The way back, but we’re making a sequel to El Contador. We literally closed this deal. We’re doing El Contador again…I’ve always wanted to do three because, with the second, we’re going to incorporate his brother into the story. So there will be more screen time for John Berthal in sec. And then the third movie will be, as I call it, “Rain Man on Steroids.” The third movie will be the two brothers, this strange couple. The third will be a picture of a friend.”The director stated.

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Source: cinemablend

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