They endorse Lebanon’s position on defending its oil and gas wealth

According to the presidential office, the Lebanese president affirmed that there is no question of conceding the country’s rights and they will express this to the American mediator, Amos Hochstein, who will arrive in Beirut today to resume talks.

Aoun stressed, upon receiving a parliamentary delegation, that the indirect negotiations with Israel were paralyzed after rejecting the Lebanese proposal to consider the line drawn by the army’s hydrographic body, known as Line 29.

The President of the Republic expressed his hope that the talks with the diplomat Hochstein will advance the negotiations, and pointed out the pressures that Lebanon is facing to avoid investing in its water wealth.

Aoun indicated that he is leading the negotiations, and after the agreement, the Council of Ministers must approve them and send them to the House of Representatives in accordance with the rules.

He renewed Lebanon’s condemnation of Israel’s threats to act in violation of international laws and resolutions, “taking advantage of the silence of the international community.”

The group of parliamentarians consisted of Melhem Khalaf, Ibrahim Mneimneh, Rami Feng, Mark Daou, Waddah Saad Ek, Yassin Yassin and Najat Aoun, who expressed their refusal to enter the Greek platform to serve Israel in the disputed Karish region. area.

Tensions between the two countries increased in the past eight days when a ship from the Energy Power production unit in the service of Israel arrived at the Karish gas field located in the southern region between Lebanon and occupied Palestine.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah reiterated the resistance’s financial, military and security capabilities to prevent Israel’s exploration of Lebanon’s wealth.

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He called on senior figures in the state, parliament and the government to unify the official position, stressing that in this confrontation against Israel, the Cedar Nation has the right, motive, and the most needy and strength under the title of army and resistance.

There are no diplomatic relations between Lebanon and Israel, and since the 2006 conflict UN forces have maintained calm on the common border in the south.

Regarding the maritime border, the two countries resumed talks in 2020, but the process was suspended after a request from Lebanese officials to update the map used by the United Nations in the talks.

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