They earn 133 million in Euromillions and keep saving coins in a bowl

This Tuesday, March 16th, EuroMillions places a The jackpot is 71 million euros. A high number that could change the life of one of its sponsors as it did in 2019 Patrick s Frances Connolly. The British couple earned 133 million euros.

The Connolly award went all over the world as the couple decided to donate more than half of it to charitable organizations, family, friends, and needy people. In fact, they founded two charitable organizations in England: the Kathleen Graham Trust and the PFC Trust.

But what undoubtedly stands out besides his desire for solidarity is that his lifestyle in the financial realm hasn’t changed much. Francis admitted to The Times that she was following her Save pennies in the boat In order to save and that every expense of your daily bills is measured in detail so that money is not wasted.

I am looking for bargains and deals everywhere I check my bank account every month to see what I will pay on my gas and electricity bills. “

Likewise, Francis revealed that she continues to store coins in a jar, specifically the bottle of whiskey her father gave her a few years ago. “Every time I fill it up, all the money goes to charity.”, Bill.

A humble life that does not focus on money

Connollys now operates three companies that specialize in plastics, one of which produces products for the UK public healthcare system. However, his life was always humble and earning a lot of money wasn’t his main concern.

Financially We never felt rich until we won the lottery, But I’ve always felt rich in other aspects. Even when I worked long hours sewing sweaters as a kid, I had a great time. ”

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And that is for Francis Connolly, life is what you do with it. He concludes, “I have this philosophy of life: If you have to do something, why not enjoy it? I’m from a poor neighborhood but I’ve never felt that way.”

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