They demand explanations from Diana Mondino for inaction regarding British expansion into the Malvinas region

After a decision United kingdom To expand the no-fishing zone around it by thousands of square kilometers falkland islands, he National Representative of the Union for the Fatherland, Eduardo Tonioli A draft resolution was presented to the Chancellor's request Diana Mondino To appear in the House of Representatives to explain “Inaction” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in this context.

According to the Santa Fe official, he is seeking a national government official Giving a response after announcing “a new phase in relations between Argentina and England.”

The Chancellor made this statement after the unilateral decision he took United Kingdom of Great Britain To expand on A 166,000-square-kilometre no-fishing zone in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

Complaint against Diana Mondino: “The Malvinas case will not be a subject of discussion with Argentina from now on”

In response to this position, the representative said: Union por la Patria expressed Mondino and condemned “the inaction of his portfolio in the face of a series of events.” The statements made by Great Britain and its officials are in direct conflict with our claim to sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands and the islands of the South Atlantic Ocean.

Furthermore, request clarifications from Mondino On the occasion of the visit of the British Chancellor David Cameron to the Falkland Islands And his subsequent statements in which he pointed out that “the issue Falkland Islands “It will not be a topic of discussion with Argentina from now on.”

In turn, it requested information about “the navigation of a ship flying the flag of the occupying government of the Malvinas Islands – the icebreaker RRS Sir David Attenborough – in Argentine waters during the month of last January.”

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MP Al-Biruni has since questioned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs despite being warned about this situation.”“There were no complaints, there was no statement of rejection, and there were no protests before international forums.”

He pointed out that “this position of submission to the national authorities in the face of repeated British violations of our sovereignty deserves an explanation before the House of Representatives.”

For Tonioli, “Counselor He must be held accountable for his inaction And from his ambiguous statements because Argentina has regularly rejected the British occupation of our Malvinas Islands since its beginning.South Georgia, South Sandwich and surrounding maritime areas.

The initiative of the Union for the Homeland legislator was accompanied by the signatures of the head of the bloc, German Martinez and National Representatives Gustavo Gonzalez, Hilda Aguirre, Ana María Ianni, Eugenia Alianello, Nancy Sand, Florencia Carignano, Tania Bertoldi, Agustina Probato, Eduardo Valdés, Victoria Tolosa Paz, Pablo Todero, Pablo Yedlin, and others.

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