They criticize the UK for discriminating against those vaccinated according to their country of origin

to reject United kingdom Learn about vaccinations against COVID-19 Managed in most parts of the world generate more critics Because of mistrust in other countries and unwillingness to act internationally to end the pandemic.

One consequence of this policy is that a person receiving a vaccine distributed by the UK in Africa is not recognized by the donor country as being vaccinated. Another is that a visitor who has been vaccinated with doses of AstraZeneca Plc or Pfizer Inc. , which is widely used in Britain, a person is not considered immune if they receive the vaccination in a dozen other countries.

“If they send us vaccines and we use them, and then say they don’t recognize the people who have been vaccinated, that sends a very mixed message.”John Nkengasong, Director African Centers for Disease Control and Preventionin the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

“It’s a message that creates confusion among our residents and one that doesn’t really talk about solidarity or cooperation,” he said.

Of the 6000 million doses of vaccines against Covid-19 that have been applied globally, only 2% correspond to the African continent.

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Nkengasong’s comments add to growing criticism of recent British border policy, which Visitors are forced to self-quarantine if they are not vaccinated in the US and EU And a small group of other countries. This action has been described as discriminatory and undermining the global effort to administer vaccines in developing countries.

“We’re not talking about the quality of a given vaccine, it’s about relying on health systems to generate evidence of vaccination,” said Richard Mihigo, WHO’s head of immunization and vaccine development in Africa. “We need to see a digital certificate worldwide that is recognized by all countries and is difficult to counterfeit.”

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The United States this week indicated that foreigners from any country would soon be welcome if they completed their vaccination schedule, as long as it is a dose authorized by the World Health Organization. This includes versions that are not used in that country and that are managed elsewhere.

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“We have always said that we will adopt a phased strategy to implement our internal vaccination program from other countries and regions,” a UK government spokesman said on Wednesday. “We will review the policy and evaluate additions every three weeks.”

African countries, in particular, lag far behind the wealthier nations in terms of their vaccination programmes, with only about 2% of the continent’s 6 billion global doses given.

The World Health Organization has set a deadline for countries to vaccinate 10% of their population by the end of September, but only 20% of African countries are expected to reach that goal.

“We don’t understand at all why the UK has taken this position,” Nkengasong said.


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