They criticize the operation in which four Haitian police officers were killed – Prensa Latina

The human rights organization indicated that the police tried for the fifth time, “without convincing success,” to storm the neighborhoods surrounding the capital, this time without tactics or plans, resulting in the killing of the agents whose bodies were desecrated and displayed on social media.

“The fiasco clearly shows that the police authorities have not taken the necessary vigilance to reduce any risk to life in the preparation and direction of the operation,” J. Claire wrote in a statement.

They emphasized that the authorities ’” guilty negligence “in choosing the procedures and means, while the balance between the desired goal and the means used does not concern the decision-makers.

In this sense, the Foundation demanded the resignation or removal of the responsible leaders, as well as the recovery of their bodies and the honor of the victims.

The organization also promotes the development of good relationships between the police and residents to prevent the recurrence of these failures and to support family members.

George Renua Fiefender, Deselos Weslet, Eugene Stanley and Ariel Pollard were part of the special command that last Friday stormed the village of Dew, located at the southern entrance to Port-au-Prince, an area under the influence of armed gangs.

Eight other officers were injured during the operation, three of them are still in hospital, as confirmed by Director General of Police Leon Charles.

This Monday, the police faction, Fantom 509, which is organizing violent protests in the capital, expressed solidarity with the assassinated officers and mobilized to demand clarifications from the government regarding their “brothers in arms.”

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Armed gangs in Village de Dieu were given 24 hours to return the officers’ bodies.

For its part, the government condemned the events and issued a decree of national mourning for a period of three days, in memory of the fallen policemen.

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