They created a device to block speakers emitting reggaeton music

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The widespread invention of Argentine programmer, musician and writer Ronnie Bandini can be interpreted as a great service to society: an artificial intelligence-driven machine, capable of wirelessly blocking speakers playing reggaeton music.

Reggaeton is a popular musical style, of Caribbean origin and African American influence, which, according to the Royal Spanish Academy, “is characterized by Synchronized recitation and rhythm style are produced electronically,” but can be annoying to others if heard too loudly.

That's why Bandini was able to invent the song “Reggaeton Be Gone”. Without having to say a single word.

“To clarify, maybe I should talk about my neighbor first. It turns out that I have a neighbor who usually listens to that music (…) with a huge Bluetooth speaker attached to my wall,” the inventor said in detail in statements reported by the press.

Although he admitted that the “normal” person would ring the doorbell and politely ask his neighbor to lower the volume or change his music taste, he preferred to choose another alternative because of his weak “social skills.”

That's why he says, “I had the idea of ​​making an AI machine that would be able to recognize when reggaeton music was playing on my neighbor's speaker and attack it via Bluetooth.”

The system is inspired by the old TV-B-Gone, which for years turned off noisy TVs in bars and restaurants.

In this case, it monitors the song playing and compares it to an AI model To determine if it belongs to the reggaeton music genre. If so, try attacking your Bluetooth speaker. The idea is, in the best case, to disconnect the speaker or interfere with the listening process.

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“It should be illegal”

in it BlogBandini explains his invention step by step and what happened when he tested it with his neighbor the next morning: “Inside the other wall, the device did not disconnect its amplifier, but it generated enough interference that the neighbor changed location,” he explained. “It is certainly not a success, but it is not a defeat.” also”.

Genius device It presents ethical and legal dilemmas. In some countries, the possession and use of frequency jamming devices to interfere with communications signals, such as Wi-Fi, GPS or Bluetooth networks, is prohibited.

The programmer says: “Before you tell me anything about this, I understand that jamming your neighbors' speakers might be illegal, but on the other hand, listening to reggaeton music every day at 9:00 a.m. should definitely be illegal.” “.

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