They confirmed that Prince Harry will be the next King of the United Kingdom, not Prince William

According to the predictions of the world famous French prophet nostradamus, will be the Prince Harry The person who takes the throne as the next king United kingdom. Although the line of succession at Prince William As the main heir, there is talk of a possible event that could completely mark the date British monarchy Starting with the possibility of waiver King Carlos III.

The name Mostradamus is widely recognized all over the world as Prophet He may have succeeded in hitting more prophecies than anyone else throughout history human existence.

Although its existence took place several years ago Centuries Returning, the correctness of his words and predictions had left many speechless. It is said that he predicted his age Queen Isabel II Because he confirmed that he would die at an age less than his mother’s age by at least five years. Elizabeth II died at the age of 96, while her mother died when she was 101 years old.

the book Nostradamus: Complete Prophecies For the future’, For the British writer Mario Reading (2015), is a highly successful international book, accurately portraying the predictions made by this famous French prophet while he was alive.

Nostradamus predicted the early abdication of the king Charles III Because of the British people’s displeasure at what happened to the deceased Diana, Princess of Wales.

“Prince Charles will be 74 years old in 2022 when he takes the throne, but the resentment that a certain percentage of the British population has expressed against him, after his divorce from him. Diana Princess of Wales, she’s still here.”

However, among his predictions there is also another controversial statement, since he guarantees that by the time Carlos III abdicates “the man who never believed in becoming king, he will be 38 years old.” And in this case, it is Prince Harry Who will be 38 years old.

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However, there is a dark part in this prediction, as there is talk of a land escape Where Prince William can too Give up to Property Or die, because only in this way can his younger brother take office in the future.

We all know the inner struggle Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle You have with the royal family and king carlos iii, So it would be very impressive if in the near future he became the next king of the United Kingdom, and not Prince William.

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