They confirm that Biden will cancel the parole of Cubans for this reason

According to sources from the Spanish EFE agency, North American President Joe Biden would be willing to cancel immigration policies, such as the parole program for Cubans and the CBP One program, to obtain support for an aid package worth more than $60 billion for Ukraine, which is facing a crisis with Russia.

Negotiations between Democrats and Republicans include proposals such as resuming expulsions at the border, increasing the ability to deport immigrants and implementing other restrictive measures. A government spokesman said that Biden is open to a settlement if there is sufficient support for this purpose that he has with Ukraine.

the Conversations It will extend into next year, as Democrats seek to pass a $110 billion aid package for Ukraine, and Republicans call for tougher measures on the country's southern border in return.

The end of parole for Cubans in the United States?

The Department of Defense stated that the funds necessary to support defense in Ukraine have almost run out, and that it intends to soon transfer more than a billion dollars to replenish the reserves sent to Ukraine, with few resources available to maintain American military readiness.

On the other hand, negotiators agreed on a series of immigration control measures, such as detaining people seeking asylum at the border and allowing the expedited expulsion of those migrants who have spent less than two years in the United States.

They also discussed raising the initial threshold for filing asylum claims in cases of credible fear. Meanwhile, the White House is trying to preserve the parole program, but could use it as a bargaining chip in these negotiations that will take place in 2024.

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A parole trial is currently underway in the state of Texas in the United States, and the decision on this matter will continue until next year. Also recently, the North American Embassy in Nicaragua indicated that there is no date for ending this immigration policy that favors citizens of Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti and Venezuela.

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