They celebrate the first National Graduates Day in Environmental Sciences at UASLP – El Sol de San Luis

Students, academics, researchers and guests from various educational institutions participated in the conference The first national day for graduates of environmental and health sciencesa unique program in the country taught by the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, (UASLP).

It has been established November 3 like the first National Environmental and Health Sciences Graduates DayBecause it is important to evaluate what they do as graduates, students and professors of the bachelor’s degree; The value of changing reality, because it is not enough to have an ideal but to change reality, if reality does not change, it is not that San Luis Potosi or Mexico will do poorly, it is that the planet will do poorly.

The Director of the Department of Public Health and Environment at the World Health Organization, Maria Neira, stressed the importance Environmental HealthHe pointed out that in just a few weeks Conference of the Parties 28 For the first time, negotiators will be reminded of the emissions responsible for climate change and their commitment to health.

“It is important that we have a voice Health workers must remember the devastating impact that climate change is havingalso. We must show decisive leadership in these complex times in which we live.

Ismael Francisco Herrera BenaventeThe Director of the College of Medicine stated that 14 years after the introduction of the Bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Health Sciences, This educational program will have a global impact, because with it we will reflect on the importance of caring for the environment and its direct impact on health.

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Health is a public good It is not just those who fall ill whose care requires integrative, transversal and cross-sectoral approaches, it is also a matter of countries’ sustainability. On this first national day for graduates of environmental and health sciences We must personally commit to taking concrete measures for the benefit of the planet and our health.“.

Also present were Luis Guillermo Gerling de Alba, Academic Secretary, Guillermo Espinosa Reyes, Minister of Planning and César Arturo Elizaletore Hernández, Academic Coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sciences and Health, among other dignitaries.

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