They built a blockchain startup and attracted big investors

In the context of integrating blockchain technology into the world, node It has become the number one provider of blockchain infrastructure services in Latin America, promoting democracy and decentralization in the region’s ecosystem, through an innovative simple, scalable and secure node management platform that will benefit thousands of entrepreneurs, financial institutions and corporations.

The company announced the conclusion of its first investment round with a total amount of $3,650,000. The tour concluded in November last year led by Borderless Capital, accompanied by Newtopia VC and Spice VC. Individual investors have joined as well, such as Miguel Santos (Technics), Martin Migoya (Globant), Matías Luske (Outh 0), Esteban Ordano (Decentraland), Javier Villamisar (Softbank), Ariel Parmat (TheGraph), Facundo Gariton (Terraflos Inc.) and Marcos Galperín (MercadoLibre), Francisco lvarez-Demalde (Riverwood Capital), Mat Travizano (Sur VC), Ryan Floyd (Storm Ventures) and others. The capital is mainly used to develop the contract management platform and recruit the best talent.

“Our main goal is to open opportunities in Latin America so that the community of entrepreneurs and organizations who want to provide crypto services can have access to the infrastructure to develop their projects. Thus SenseiNode becomes the business highway for a more decentralized and inclusive blockchain world,” defined Pablo Larguia, Co-Founder and President CEO of SenseiNode.

Through its platform, SenseiNode simplifies the process of integrating companies into the blockchain to scale their businesses. Provides simple node deployment, configuration, and monitoring with enterprise-wide security, significantly reducing uptime without sacrificing performance.

David Garcia, Managing Partner of Borderless Capital, emphasized: “SenseiNode will accelerate the growth of the blockchain economy in Latin America, facilitating access to nodes and infrastructure. I am convinced that the founding team of SenseiNode has the expertise and a proven track record to lead the blockchain infrastructure in the region.”

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Nodes are network connection points and host a copy of the blockchain data, which validates transactions and verifies information. It is the nodes that enable peer-to-peer interaction in the network: one of the main characteristics of the blockchain, which allows transactions to take place in a decentralized manner and without intermediaries. Those organizations that want to do business on the blockchain can rely on SenseiNode to obtain their nodes easily and securely.

The company is the number one staking node provider for all of Latin America offering node ‘as a service’ to businesses and organizations in the region. SenseiNode already has more than 50 active validation nodes in the world’s major blockchains, such as Ethereum, Algorand, Polkadot, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, Cosmos, Helium, Fantom, Celo and Kusama, to approximate its infrastructure so that companies can use them to provide crypto services to their customers. .

Fintech companies, exchanges, banks and other financial institutions, entrepreneurs, wallets and cryptocurrency investors are major clients of SenseiNode in Latin America. Exchanges, DApps, DeFi services, NFTs, and blockchain service providers are being added all over the world.

“Latin America has a great opportunity ahead of it in revolutionizing the blockchain on a global scale. Today there are few nodes in the region and this creates traffic congestion. The more nodes there are, the more decentralized, secure and fast the network will be. In this sense, SenseiNode installs optical fibers from the blockchain. in the region, providing one-click, accessible and reliable private nodes for everyone,” explains Rodrigo Penzaquin, Co-Founder and CTO of SenseiNode.

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The potential for development in the region is huge: according to Ethereum statistics as of March 31, 2022, less than 1% of the world’s nodes are located in Latin American countries. Today the rankings are led by the United States (2459), Germany (825), Singapore (292), the United Kingdom (247), and Finland (202), while the highest-growth Latin American countries are Brazil (29), Argentina (7), Mexico (4) and Chile (1). In this context, SenseiNode plans to have hundreds of new active nodes by the end of 2022.

According to the latest Chainalysis Global Crypto Adoption Index, 4 of the 20 countries with the highest cryptocurrency adoption worldwide are from Latin America: Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil (7th and 10th). and ranked 11th and 14th, respectively). Moreover, according to the report, Latin America accounts for nearly 9% of all global transaction activity.

“Society, which is increasingly digital and shifting to the cloud, is discovering in the blockchain a way to overcome the simplification and decentralization of operations. Thus, the world of blockchain is gaining more and more importance at the scale of business and individuals, and therefore, it has become an opportunity for new players who offer Services associated with this revolution. With SenseiNode it opens a new chapter in Latin American development,” concludes Martin Fernandez, Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development.

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