They asked to investigate Brazil’s previous testimony of Bolsonaro’s secretary – Prinsa Latina

Aziz wants the Federal Prosecutor’s Office to assess whether the former official committed the crime of perjury while presenting at the International Criminal Court inquiring about the acts, negligence and negligence of the executive in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The measure was adopted following a request from Senator Umberto Costa and after Wagngarten’s speech at the hearing on Wednesday, senators demanded his arrest, arguing that he was lying in front of the board of directors.

“Given the blatant evidence, I will request that your honor be locked up, because the lie of the lie that we saw here today is something that cannot be a precedent,” said Board rapporteur, Senator Renan Caliros.

Aziz rejected the request, which was supported by other members of Congress, claiming that it might damage the credibility of the ICC.

Wajngarten was summoned on requests from Senators Randolph Rodriguez, vice chair of the committee, and Alessandro Vieira.

Randolph noted that in an interview with Veja magazine, the former communications minister confirmed that the Health Ministry would be responsible for “delaying vaccinations” against Covid-19.

“(Wajngarten) claims to have emails, phone records, copies of draft contracts, among other evidence confirming their statement,” the legislator said.

However, to the senators’ questions, the businessman did not believe his words in the Wednesday interview and he acquitted President Jair Bolsonaro and then-health minister, General Eduardo Pazuelo, of the charges.

This elusive attitude by Wajngarten angered senators who accused him of lying for fear of reprisal.

The ICC was created to investigate government performance in the face of the pandemic and oversee the application of federal resources by states and municipalities.

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The testimonies of Marta Diez, head of the US laboratory Pfizer in Brazil, and her predecessor, Carlos Murillo, are due tomorrow.

So far, the South American giant has accumulated 428,341 lives and 15 million 359,397 people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19.

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