They are the 15 finalists on MasterChef Celebrity 8: Who’s Who

Introducing 15 contestants who will compete to win MasterChef Celebrity 8

What now Masterchef 11 finished in RTVENow is the time to look to the future. almost, The 1 will premiere MasterChef Celebrity 8the eighth edition of the Celebrity Culinary Talent Show, and as has happened on previous occasions, its success will largely depend on the appeal of Pour.

At the end of April 2023 confirmed 15 contestants Celebrity Master Chef 8. Who are they and what sectors do they belong to? Will there be comedians like in the other versions? How many actors will join? and models? These answers will be illustrated in this ‘Who’s Who from MasterChef Celebrity 8.

Who is in MasterChef Celebrity 8

Edward Casanova

Spanish actor, screenwriter and director. As a translator, you will see him in Aida, bringing the character of Fidel to life. As a director and screenwriter, he is behind films like skins (2017) and Mercy (2023), both experimental films that divided audiences.

Laura London

Colombian translator and model, protagonist intuition (2023), one of the most successful Netflix original series in recent years. He rose to fame in the year 2008 with his role as Lina Arango in Without breasts, there is no heaven And in 2017 he appeared in Narcos Like Katie.

Jorge Sanz

Although Jorge Sanz is more missing now than ever, he is one of Spain’s most legendary actors. was chosen to be Titus in blue summerBut the length of filming caused his parents to disapprove. He made his debut in 1979 in the movie honeyl Peter passedSince then, he has appeared on songs such as Well done (1992).

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Miguel Diosdado

Spanish film actor Bakery (2009) or The second duchess (2010) and series such as Cable Girls (2020), 38- Acacia (2015-2018) and Laura puzzles (2014).

Tony Moreno

Tony Moreno is a well-known journalist who has worked and works for Canal Suralthough the national projection came with jumping to RTVE first then after that Telecincothe string he left from to now return to the public entity.

Tania Lacera

Presenter, reporter and correspondent who has worked both in the UK (BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 And Meridian TV) and for Spain, in programs such as I’ll hold on, okay? (2010), Drive Me Crazy, The Voice Kids And Like sapiens.

Dominguen’s stick

Your real name Lucia Dominguen She is a daughter Lucia Dominguen And Carlos Tristancho. She is perhaps his lesser known niece Miguel Bossbut embarks on an artistic career in the field of digital art.

Blanca Romero

Spanish actress, model and singer whose role many of you know physics or chemistry. However, he has participated in other programs such as Four morning And SupermodelIn addition to being the protagonist of the movie de abuses.

Sandra Jago

An important Spanish model, though, is now best known for being the tennis player’s wife Feliciano Lopez. He has given numerous interviews to the tabloids.

Daniel Ileskas

influencerscontent creator … and Laura Matamoros boyfriendCollaborator’s daughter Kiko Matamoros saved me. His profile is one of the smallest people can attract Celebrity Master Chef 8

Alvaro Munoz Ascasi

A well-known Spanish businessman and horseman His participation in many TV shows and his love for equestrian sports. In addition, he is an important face of the gossip press.

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Genovese Casanova

Genovese Casanova She is a businesswoman and ex-wife of the Mexican singer Cayetano Rivera. She is also known for her involvement in high society and her work as a fashion designer.


Los Morancos is a comic duo Spanish formed by the brothers chopped off And Jorge Cadaval. Known for their satirical humor and parodies, they stand out in entertainment and television in Spain, but above all in Andalusia.

Jessolen D’Obrik

Jessolen D’Obrik, whose full name is Jesús Janeiro Bernal, is a famous Spanish bullfighter. He was born on January 9, 1974 in Obrique, Cadiz, and is considered A prominent figure in bullfighting, he achieved many successes and recognitions throughout his career. Also known as the ex-husband of Bethlehem Esteban.

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