They are preparing a new motorcycle path in Mazatlan

MAZATLÁN._ On the way to Pradera Dorada, in front of the “Kraken” football stadium, a space is set up for future Motocross, Enduro and Arrancones competitions at a distance of 1/4 mile.

Remberto Zamora, a former national motorcycle champion and recognized member of the field in the port, along with several avid pilots, have been working for months on adapting a course in that area of ​​the city.

Zamora was accompanied at the meeting by Francisco Rodriguez Silva, a pilot from Durango.

“We have always worked in one way or another on the topic of motorcycling, the port has been the cradle of many champions in various forms of the sport, but for some time now, the support has stopped and the support is no longer available,” Zamora said.

“The idea is to motivate new generations to keep practicing this discipline, which is why we are working on a track we call Pradera Ranch, it is a track that barely took us 700 meters to set up and we have already used it. In a Sunday aficionado fashion every 15 days so that those interested can keep up “.

The path, which still needs more work to make it similar to the ovals in the United States, has cliffs, ramps, ramps and ascent of all kinds.

“ The land is a space donated and supported by a friend to the motorcycle group and his machines, and we will continue to leave it as a suitable venue to host events of national and international stature in the future.

“The idea is already there on the competition track and that young people do not walk in the streets to practice drag races or ride motorcycles, thus avoiding the risks that may arise.”

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