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According to the data of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), only 28% of people who conduct scientific research in the world are women. Did you know that only 19 women have won the Nobel Prize in Science since Marie Curie in 1903? In contrast, 570 men received this award.

Despite the increase in the number of women entering scientific careers in recent decades, the global number of women researchers in science is still very small.

3M It seeks to motivate and inspire more girls and women to perform in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) majors. That’s why I invited her to the second edition of 25 Women in Science America Latin 2022.

This initiative has two goals. First, highlighting the scientist and realizing the impact she is having through her research; And second, inspiring new generations of girls to study and pursue STEM careers, explains Adriana Rius, communications pioneer and brand for 3M Latin America.

More than 1000 scientists from Latin America

More than 1,000 scientists from Latin America participated in the first edition of this initiative, presenting their projects and stories to a qualified jury. There were 150 projects that made it to the finals and 25 of them were top female scientists from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Panama and Uruguay.

It was the result of the first edition eBook 25 Women in Science: Latin America, which collects 25 inspiring stories from inspiring women who seek to change our world through science. To date, this e-book has had over 12,000 downloads. You can have it Here.

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“Thanks to the recognition of 3M, I have been able to feel empowered, because in the area where I work, women’s work is usually minimized or invisible, because it is common to see men leading this kind of field,” said Marily Mora, winner of the first edition of this initiative. Initiatives like 25 Women in Science Latin America now allow women to share their stories and projects to serve as references that help inspire women and girls to move forward with their dreams.

How do you participate?

  • If you want to participate in this second edition, you are still on time. The call is now open until October 31.
  • You must fill out an online form and explain your project between 140 and 280 characters, through this link.
  • A qualified regional jury made up of academics, leaders and/or professionals from the scientific industries, as well as people with extensive experience in science, research, innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability, will select 25 emerging scientists from Latin America 2022.

Evaluation Standard:

  • Possibility of direct or indirect social influence in Latin America: The social impact of the project will be assessed, either in scope (number of people or group/groups affected), as well as in depth (solution or assistance to a problem of greater or lesser level).
  • Project innovation: The submitted project must be innovative and disruptive while the arguments must show its value so that it can become a reality.
  • Project Feasibility: This criterion will be evaluated from a technical, economic and organizational perspective.
  • Idea maturity: This will be clarified by the results of experimental tests. Therefore, prototypes must be submitted to analyze their processes, scalability, and outcomes.
  • Ability and Experience: The potential of the candidates will be another determining factor in evaluating candidacy, as it is understood that the sustainability and success of the projects also lies in their potential and their teams.
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Female scientists wishing to submit their projects must be of legal age and be born in or reside in a Latin American country, be an author or have participated as leaders on at least one project that contains a prototype and/or pilot test that demonstrates an idea of ​​a science-based innovation STEM philosophy. If any of them participate in the latest release, we’re welcome to share again, the Rius joint.

To ensure inclusion and avoid cognitive biases No photos, videos, or university origins will be requested During the first registration phase”, he explained the communications and leading brand in 3M Latin America.

The finalists for this second edition will be announced afterwards February 11, 2022, during a virtual event, where the second edition of the 25 Women in Science America Latin e-book will also be presented.


Among the benefits that winners will receive are recognition from 3M Latin America, inclusion of their projects and stories in the second edition of the 25 Women in Science in Latin America 2022 Memorial, as well as access to Leadership and innovation course In a prestigious academic institution, a vision plan, and a scientific relationship.

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