They are destroying a €1 million Banksy mural about the UK’s exit from the European Union

The wall that Banksy A drawing of a worker hammering one of the twelve yellow stars of the European Union’s blue flag, after The United Kingdom is scheduled to vote to leave the European Union in 2017It was demolished as part of a building restoration project.

The graffiti artist’s work appeared for the first time in the city Dover In 2017, it was a gesture on the artist’s part to what the UK’s referendum to leave the European Union meant. Two years later, in 2019, a mural It appeared covered in white paint Since then there have been attempts to restore the work but no investments have been made that could help in its reconstruction.

The building on which it was painted has been demolished as part of a wider regeneration project. A Dover City Council spokesperson told CNN that “prior to authorizing the demolition, and after receiving professional advice on environmental conservation matters,” it was decided that “Banksy cannot be maintained viable without significant cost For local taxpayers, even if it is technically possible.

A work that is difficult to memorize

In turn, the official spokesman indicated that the contractor is responsible “Trying to see if Banksy’s artwork can be preserved In a way.” But he pointed out that “there is no certainty, given that the artwork was painted and the condition of the paint is poor.”

If the work is recoverable, The company will have full rights to the muralBecause she is the one who pays all the expenses for its restoration. The company stated that the recovered wall pieces are currently “under evaluation.”

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