They are blocking 19 pirated movies and series sites for IPTV and live streaming

This was announced by the MPA, which managed to block 19 websites related to the piracy flow in the UK. The blockade was ordered by the Supreme Court, where the operators of the country Sky, BT, TalkTalk y Virgin They will have to block access.

19 pirated streaming sites blocked

The MPA, which works on behalf of Netflix and other Hollywood studios, has asked to block those websites that allowed illegal access to copyrighted content. Of all the portals, the most important one is, which has more than 60 million monthly visits. However, the majority of visitors to this site come from the US, not the UK, which has been asked to block it.

List 19 blocked sites Includes the following portals:,,,,,,,,,,, series9. ac,,,,,,,

Some of these web pages are already blocked in Spain, and it wouldn’t be strange if all the missing pages in our country were added after the sentence. The MPA asserts that these types of websites are dangerous, as they can introduce malware into users’ computers.

All domains and agents must be banned

ads that Introducing Malware It is the most expensive sold on computers, which is why these sites, which do not care about the welfare of their users, are exploiting it to earn as much money as possible. In fact, we tried to get into two of these sites, and one of them downloaded a malicious file by simply opening a popup and clicking on it despite it being completely blank. Therefore, MPA appears to be correct in this case.

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The next goal of the MPA is to be networking Also in the United States. The UK blockade not only requires operators to block access to the respondent’s portals, but also to any proxy or alternative website that allows access to content that duplicates the original site.

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