They accuse Pokémon Unite of having ‘pay to win’ items – Nintenderos

since its launch, pokemon unite It was a smash hit, hitting huge numbers both on Twitch and in gamers; A success he hopes to double once the title hits mobile devices.

However, this popularity did not absolve him of criticism, accusing him by part of society of being a game “Pay to win”Because they are eligible. This is because one of the most important elements in terms of customization is a file Equipped things, which gives all kinds of Features Pokemon during games.

These things can be to become better, which greatly increases the advantages of a Pokémon as its level increases. Criticism comes because Players who spend money in the game have the chance to get the resource to improve these items fasterThe difference between having things at a good level and not having them is quite remarkable.

Ne TiMi Ne Pokemon Company They have decided on the matter, and it does not appear that there will be a change in this regard in the near future. Finally, we remember you too Other points for improvement mentioned above.

What is your opinion? Do you share these criticisms of Pokemon Unite? Leave us your opinion in the comments!


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