These four games are leaving Xbox Game Pass soon

Xbox Game Pass is today the subscription service par excellence. It offers a wide range of titles for a fairly reasonable monthly feeAlso, it offers the possibility to play a large number of them via broadcast thanks to Cloud Gaming and add-ons Touch controls To much more. As if that wasn’t enough, it also gives perks and perks to certain games and bonus points.

However, for some new games to appear, others have to be brought out. At the end of the month 4 games will disappear, which we will list below.

Discount on subscription to Xbox Game Pass

It’s not a great trilogy, but The King is one of those games that you have to try. In this house we have analyzed some of them so take a look at our analysis section. This is the list:

  • Get out.
  • Head level.
  • Minds cracked.
  • For the king.

The aforementioned games disappear on April 30th, but like all games that were in service, you’ll get a 20% discount upon departure. So if you want to have any of it, it will be cheaper than if you buy it new.

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