These are the skills you must have if you want to study medicine

The challenges vary during the school years.

Many professionals wanted to highlight the great demand for guards, especially those who work 24 hours. Photo: shutterstock.

All over the world, the race medicine It is one of the most demanding scores, as the cut-off marks are among the highest for being able to get into the state university, as well as being one of the longest to which residency exam preparation must be added. Interior and the same years.

These are moments, relationships, and causes that will be sacrificed for a personal and professional purpose, which is why some doctors have decided to share Tips It would help them along the way.

“Before deciding whether to request a place in or not medicine Don’t ask yourself if you can study hard for a decade; Ask yourself if you are able to accompany people who have suffered for 4 decades without always getting the right answer,” Mariola Marrero, family physician, posted on Twitter.

Several other professionals agreed with his words and added that a doctor’s work “has little to do with the idea one has,” referring to the fact that the profession is idealized by what’s seen on TV, according to Jose, another family doctor.

“The future doctor will have to think about whether he will know how to withstand 40 years of abuse.”

In particular, the doctor refers to the harsh conditions in which the profession is often practiced: “In a harsh health center, with a restless population, sooner or later all doctors end up.” In the same way, he spoke of the pressures on health workers: “The future doctor should ask himself if he will know how to withstand 40 years of abuse.”

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Continuing this line, many professionals wanted to highlight the great demand for guards, especially those who work 24 hours. “Ask yourself if you can tolerate more than 12 hours without being able to urinate while working, if you are able to work 24 hours in a row without sleep, and in these circumstances decide the health and human lives of others,” said a psychiatrist.

For all these reasons, many clinicians contend that perhaps teens are too young and immature to choose and realize all the implications for the medical profession. medicine. Marrero suggests: “The problem is still decisive at 17. There has to be a basic, flexible, cross-race cycle, and they decide a little later.”

“I studied medicine For those who love it, there are different branches.”

Regarding the characteristics that an aspiring physician should have, José asserts that he must possess: “The ability to analyze and synthesize. Intelligence and the ability to effort. An interest in biology and science in general.” Mariola Marrero, for her part, defends the importance of skill in words in this profession: “It is believed to be something innate and as difficult to learn as other skills.”

In general, doctors and health professionals advocate that the most important thing in the end is that a person loves medicineAnd, once you enter the profession, you can choose the branches that interest you the most or that you are the best at, because each of them has its own characteristics. The family doctor concludes: “There are many specialties and jobs that are not medical care, if you deal poorly with human suffering while training in your degree, you can orient yourself toward those jobs.”

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