These are the sites in the chain whose tourist visits have increased by up to 50%

These famous places in London have become references for the series, and now tourists continue to visit them

If there is one thing that is amazing about European series, it is that their realism makes us feel like we are inside the story, and not only because of the good acting or the high-end costumes, but also because the locations we see on screen also exist in real life. And production of the third season of The Bridgertons series He was responsible for transforming it into the UK’s new favourite tourist destination.

Palaces, ballrooms and even train stations with historic charm are part of the third part of the series that premiered on May 16 on the platform. flowThis, the fans barely recognize, These real-life sites have seen a huge increase in traffic.

According to Patricia Yates, CEO From VisitBritain tourism websiteThe release of the new season of The Bridgertons represents an opportunity for “Promoting Britain’s world-famous history and heritage, and inspiring visitors to come and see the filming locations and destinations for themselves.”

From lakes, forests and even castles (obviously) these are the locations from ‘The Bridgertons’ you can visit to feel, for a moment, like you’re part of royalty.

Guardian’s house

Bridgerton’s Wisteria-Covered House It’s not in Mayfair and it doesn’t have flowers.But it is a classic red brick house on the edge of Greenwich Park. In this place visitors They will find a museum Where they can tour the Wernher Collection, which includes more than 700 works by artists such as Botticelli, Monferni and Mezzo.

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Hampton Court Palace

The former home of King Henry VIII is the lavish on-screen residence of Queen Charlotte. Located In Richmond, on the banks of the River Thamesvisit to Hampton Court Palace It’s a must-see if you’re interested in British history. Here you can wander through the living rooms and dining rooms of the Tudor monarchs, as well as wander through the extensive gardens, including a fairytale-inspired garden where you can see deer.

Lancaster House

Although Hampton Court Palace was used for exterior shots, Queen Charlotte’s palace was used for interiors The halls and halls of Lancaster House in Westminster were used. Although he currently has no ties to the British Royal Family, Yes, it had great political importance.Because it was the scene of important events, such as meetings between heads of state and official banquets.

Castle Howard

Clevedon Castle, the grand palace of the Duke of Hastings, is actually Castle Howarda wonderful residence located a short distance from York, in the north of England, where you can not only tour from top to bottom, but also, You can celebrate your dream wedding here.

Benchil Park

Reasons Benchil Park 18th century in Surrey It was the perfect backdrop for the Bridgerton characters to stroll and picnic.They will go boating and spend time outdoors. The great thing about this place is that Charles Hamilton designed it so that from across the lake it looks like a real painting.

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Hatfield House

Perhaps one of the most historically accurate sites associated with kings is Hatfield House In Hertfordshire, it is a house that was used as the interior of Bridgerton’s residence in London. This place is filled with 400 years of history that can be seen in the furniture and on the walls, thanks to the collection of art and family photos that Queen Elizabeth I arranged the house in which she spent most of her childhood.

Kingston Bagboys House and Gardens

You may not have noticed it before, however, although this place first appeared in the “Bridgertons” series, it is not new to the screen, as it It also served as the setting for some scenes from “Downton Abbey.”And we are not surprised since then Kingston Bagboys It has a high demand for bookings due to its location, decor and because it is spot A favourite for celebrating weddings in pure British style.

If you want to feel like royalty, these seven tourist destinations will be your new must-visit stops on your next trip to the UK.

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