These are the pictures of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”

  • Warning: This note contains spoilers for “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”
  • The film is directed by Sam Raimi and starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and includes some interesting cameos.
  • Most engravings include actors playing a group called the Illuminati.
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Bruce Campbell, the familiar face of Remy Projects, is one of the main characters in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”

Photograph: Patrick Fallon/Reuters

His character owns a Bubba pizza food cart in another world visited by Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and America Chavez (Zochitel Gomez).

Campbell appears again in the film’s second post-credits scene.

Hayley Atwell, known for her role as Peggy Carter in the MCU, appears as Captain Carter

Marvel Studios

She is part of the Illuminati, a strange encounters in another world group.

Into this world Peggy Carter – not Steve Rogers – took the serum of a super-soldier known as the world’s first Avenger.

Similar to her appearance on the Disney Plus animated show “What If…?” , Captain Carter is armed with a shield bearing the design of the UK flag.

Anson Mount reprises his role as Black Bolt from the canceled Inhumans series

Dr. Gharib Al-Naqsh

Marvel only ran for one season in 2017. In “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, Black Bolt is one of the main characters to appear as a member of the Illuminati.

In the same alternate universe, Captain Marvel is a member of the Illuminati and is played by Lashana Lynch.

Marvel Studios

Lynch played Maria Rambo, the best friend of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) in “Captain Marvel” (2019).

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John Krasinski, often cast by fans as Red Richards, appears as the lead of the Fantastic Four.

Dr. Gharib Al-Naqsh
Photograph: Danny Molochuk/Reuters

He is also part of the Illuminati in an alternate universe.

Since Marvel ad His plans to restart the “Fantastic Four” franchise in December 2020, fans swarmed for Krasinski to play the role of Fantastic Mister.

Patrick Stewart returns as Charles Xavier / The Tenth Professor from ‘X-Men’

Dr. Gharib Al-Naqsh
twentieth century fox

Her appearance in the film was referenced in a trailer released in February. After playing shy in interviews that month, Stewart confirmed Later he appeared on the tape.

Charlize Theron makes her MCU debut as Clea in a post-credit scene.

Charlize Theron
Photograph: Mario Anzoni/Reuters

She has long platinum blonde hair, purple eye makeup, a suit of the same color, and a stiletto. He stops Strange as he walks in and tells him, “You made a raid and we’ll fix it…unless you’re scared.”

The third eye then appears on Strange’s forehead, indicating that the consequences of using Darkhold are unfolding. He answers: “Not at all.”

Then the two people jump through the gate.

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