These are the next games that will leave the Xbox Game Pass

As usual on Xbox Game Pass, games come and go gradually over time. The next release of the game will be within a few days, specifically on April 15th, when three games will disappear from the subscription catalog.

This isn’t forever goodbye or bad news, as has happened on other occasions and as the company itself previously commented, these outputs are usually supplemented with the introduction of new games into the catalog.

There are three games left on the Xbox Game Pass

Next April 15 will be the last day (at least for now) for the following three games that have been in the Xbox Game Pass subscription catalog for a while:

  • We handed over the moon
  • Gato Roboto
  • Wargoove

All three games are still in the catalog on both Xbox and PC. Now you know, it’s the last call for you to be able to enjoy these titles on your subscription. In the event that you want to buy it, remember that people who have Xbox Game Pass get 20% off before it leaves the catalog. Would you try any of these games? Have you tried it yet?

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