These are the new free games from the Epic Games Store for PC

Two new free games are available for Epic Games Store users.

The Epic Games Store keeps giving away games

Like every Thursday The Epic Games Store has updated its list of free games So any player with a registered account can download new proposals of all kinds forever. This way, from today, Thursday, April 13th until next Thursday, April 20th at 4:59 PM (Peninsula Time) you can Free download MORDHAUa multiplayer medieval combat game in first and third person perspectives.

In this title, players enter a frantic battlefield using Up to 80 players in total To fight as a mercenary in a fantasy yet realistic world where you can experience brutal and rewarding hand-to-hand combat that always leaves you wanting more.

In addition to MORDHAU, you can too Download Second Extinction for free, an early access game developed by Systemic Reaction to present large dinosaurs on a huge map to wield gigantic weapons. this Online Co-op FPS He invites you to play with friends, so this is a great opportunity to discover a new game in the company.

These are the next free games on the Epic Games Store

next week, Beyond Blue will be the next free game on the Epic Games Store To deliver a single-player narrative adventure that leads to “The depths of the blue heart that beats on our planetSet in the near future, the title explores the mysteries of the ocean through the eyes of Mirai, a deep sea scientist and explorer.

finally, Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) will be available at no cost within seven days. This atmospheric puzzle platform game was developed in collaboration with the indigenous Iñupiaq people of Alaska and is inspired by a traditional tale that has been passed down among its members for generations.

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After celebrating GDC 2023’s State of Unreal event, Epic Games is still arranging the day not only for its platform giveaways or Fortnite, but also for Unreal engine power 5which we talked about in our first impressions of Tekken 8.

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