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If it Boris Johnson Not possible Gather enough support To stay at the head of the government in the face of blame movement after party Who can be his successor or successor? This is the question that is now giving rise to speculation about the future of UK politics.

The Finance Minister Rishi SunakHe was the person who until a few months ago was emerging as the preferred candidate to succeed Johnson in office. A January poll indicated that nearly half of Conservative Party members consider him a better leader than Johnson. However, the implementation of policies such as tax increases made his popularity deteriorate among the ranks of the “conservatives”.

In addition, the minister was also seen scattered by “Party Gate” After attending Johnson’s birthday party during lockdown.

Other names that sound like this are Secretary of State Liz Truss, a loyal ally of Johnson and has already given him all his support for the movement. Truss is the policy that More than years she was working in the bosom of the governmentIt was part of the coffers of David Cameron and Theresa May. Comparisons with former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher made her more popular with Tories.

On the other hand, the name Jeremy Hunt, MP and former Secretary of State, who already tried to pass in May in 2019 and clearly lost in the final vote against Johnson, also stands out on the list of potential candidates. Many believed that he could benefit from the fact that he was not part of the current government.

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Another name that stands out is Health Minister Sajid Javidwhich – which He has filled practically all government ministries British. He actually tried to take the position in 2016 with Stephen Crabb. In 2020, he resigned as Chancellor of the Exchequer after Downing Street insisted that his team of advisers be selected.

To this list are added, in turn, senior officials such as Home Secretary Priti Patelalso Dominic Rabthe justice minister and deputy prime minister, who served as acting prime minister when Johnson contracted COVID-19 in the spring of 2020. Michael Gove He is one of the most experienced politicians in the government, but he does not have the approval of the majority of ‘Conservatives’ after he turned his back on Johnson in 2016.

Without a clear competitor to the leadership dispute

As former UK correspondent Juan Carlos Velez points out at Al Rojo Vivo, the fact that There is no clear competitor to the leadership dispute For Boris Johnson, in a way, the prime minister’s “lifeline”. “There was a lot of talk about Rishi Sunak, another politician who was fined as a result of the Partigate investigation. It is very difficult for any member of the government to dispute Johnson’s position,” the expert admits.

In the event that the proposal is lost, the formation will be able to choose the new president without the need to call for elections. However, everything indicates that the British “Prime Minister” will take office Enough support to continue in Downing StreetFew think he will emerge stronger in the long run from a process that his predecessor in office, Theresa May, had to contend with as well.

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and that is More than fifty deputies criticized With Johnson over the past few hours, especially after the publication of Internal report on the parties held in Downing Street During the coronavirus pandemic.

And so, on Monday, “Conservative” Graham Brady asserted that more than 15% of MPs – the minimum necessary to carry out this measure – supported subjecting Johnson to a reprimand. The Prime Minister has already responded to this decision by naming it A ‘chance’ to put an end to ‘months of speculation’ against him.

For its part, the opposition and even prominent members of the Conservative Party insisted Johnson should resign from the position, which Johnson has rejected on various occasions.

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