These are the King’s possible plans in the United Kingdom before landing in Spain

Don Juan Carlos I is already in London since Monday night. As the Daily Mail progresses, Don Felipe VI’s father enjoyed dinner last night at Oswald’s, a private club in the British capital, which includes members of the stature of either Boris Johnson or Prince William. In the photos, the king is seen leaving the institution at around 11pm in an upscale SUV. With two attendants, Don Juan Carlos I, He waved to the cameras with a smile from the passenger seat of the car, dressed in dark blue clothes and a pink tie.

At the moment, there is no official plan for the monarch on this intense but short visit to the United Kingdom, but today, around 12 noon, he is expected to attend lunch with King Carlos III. This visit, which neither Buckingham nor Zarzuela confirmed, could be private due to their close relationship. After these two days of stopover in England, Don Juan Carlos I will arrive in Vigo on Wednesday, where everything is already prepared for his imminent and long-awaited return. The king returns to our house after a year to enjoy one of his greatest passions. Felipe VI’s father will attend the Spanish Cup regattas this weekend and it is not excluded that he will be able to participate, because El Bribón is ready, as announced by El faro de Vigo.

But there was still one day for Don Juan Carlos I to take his private plane and land in Spain. Although nothing has been confirmed, today the King may attend Real Madrid’s match against Chelsea, in which he is in doubt about passing to the Champions League semi-finals. Princess Leonor’s grandfather, as a good fan of the Merengue team, could attend the meeting but, at the moment, Zarzuela has not confirmed the presence of Don Juan Carlos at this historic sporting evening, although as the hours go by, this rumor is growing stronger.

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According to the “Voice of Galicia”, after this short stop in the UK, Don Juan Carlos I will land at 12:00 on one of the runways of Peinador. Like the vast majority of the King’s plans, Doña Sofia’s husband’s flight plan has not been confirmed, as on other occasions, although “Different information assumes the flight will come from London,” They confirm from this medium. It is already ready for the imminent return of Don Juan Carlos I and several members of the Civil Guard and the National Police have been combing the entire roof, sewers and spaces with canine units for explosives for days, following the same protocol they used on their last visit to Sanxenxo.

In these days the return of Don Juan Carlos I, 85 years old, to stay in the residence he made in that Galician city was organized by his friend Pedro Campos, recently re-elected president of the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo and captain of the Prepon. Boat, with the one who has been competing for a few years due to his mobility issues in the 6mR class. The honorary itinerary includes staying in Galicia for at least the whole weekend to leave, possibly Sunday, but unlike the other visit this city was shielded from the press and there would be no public exhibition of the king.

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