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Christmas offers have arrived in the Play Store, and they range from applications that will become your great allies in activities to your WI-FI, and there are also “gems” in games worth trying and customizable applications. All of these apps are completely free, with all their premium features and no ads. So we advise you, if you are interested, to give them a chance, it won't cost you a dime.


° Who uses my Wi-Fi? ($12.00 Mexican Peso – Free): An application that will interest more than one person, as the name of the application itself indicates, with this application you will be able to know who is connected to your WI-FI network and whether they are using the signal without your consent. It's fast and takes you by the hand so you can learn how to monitor the number of users connected to your WI-FI network.

° NetSignal Pro (11.00 Mexican pesos – FREE): This application becomes your best tool so that you can measure the signal strength of your WI-FI connection and also excellent for you to find the best WI-FI hotspots.

° Imagine Premium ($49.00 Mexican Peso – Free): A great application to pass the time while solving puzzles. It contains puzzles that give you a feeling of relaxation, to get out of the routine. The very fun thing is that you can create your own puzzles using your own photos or pictures.

° Home workouts no pro equipment ($32.00 Mexican Peso – Free): With this application there will be no excuse to exercise. Well, with this app, you will make your body work with guides that will take you by the hand and that are very easy to understand. The great advantage is that you do not need equipment or a coach, as all exercises can be performed with just your body weight.

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° Mandala Maker 360 ($2.00 Mexican Peso -Free): If you are a fan of mandalas, you will love this app. Since you can create beautiful mandala drawings in a very easy way, it has many customization options that allow you to change the consistency of the canvas, background color, apply shadows, and much more.

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° MR RACER: An outstanding racing game ($119.00 Mexican Peso – Free): This was one of the most requested video games on the Play Store, and it is a racing game that, although challenging, also allows the player to enjoy high-speed cars. You can play it online and offline.

° New monsters (5.00 Mexican pesos – Free): A real strategy RPG, with epic 4v4 battles between two teams of up to 16 monsters, a real battle.

Image credits: Play Store | MR RACER: An outstanding racing game


As we mentioned, all of these applications are personalization applications, applications that will give a very interesting aesthetic touch to the interface of your mobile phone, all of them excellent and very decorative, with colors that will certainly attract the attention of more than one person. Remember: They're all free, with all their premium features and no ads.

Color Lines – Icon Pack ($24.00 Mexican Peso – free)

Joy Walls – 4K wallpapers app ($22.00 Mexican Peso – free)

Rigoletto – Squircle icon pack ($21.00 Mexican Peso – free)

Turquoise – icon pack ($26.00 Mexican Peso – free)

Font box – white icon pack ($21.00 Mexican Peso – free)

Strawberry – pink icon pack ($21.00 Mexican Peso – free)

Pinkdiant – icon pack ($21.00 Mexican Peso – free)

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* Some values ​​may have changed since the last review.

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