These are all apps that will work with Windows ARM computers

One of the most important announcements that Microsoft made at its Build 2024 event was the announcement of the new Copilot + PCs, which will initially run exclusively on computers with ARM architecture processors. This architecture, compared to x64 or x86, has lower power consumption, and is interesting when the goal is to have a versatile device with a long-lasting battery, such as smartphones or tablets.

What’s new in this context Co-pilot + computer It will work with Windows on ARM, and since most of the apps or software a user might want to use are designed for the other architectures mentioned above, Windows will have to be able to provide seamless compatibility with these software.

In this context, specialized journalist Zach Bowden participated, or because Microsoft guaranteed that it would work correctly through simulation.

Thus, the app ecosystem shown in the image is vast and contains many of the basic tools that any user might need, such as word processors, browsers, antivirus software, image editing software like Photoshop, streaming platforms, VPNs, or business management tools.

However, there may be hundreds of examples of other software that is not included in the chip, due to which users may have questions about compatibility with the new series of Microsoft computers. This is the case for music creation or audio editing software, such as FL Studio or Ableton. Regarding this doubt, Bowden points out that “this list is only for applications that Microsoft has tested…there are thousands of applications that should work.” In parallel, NordVPN officially responded to this topic, indicating that its application will not work with this system, despite its logo appearing in the image.

@fusowajun Hello! Unfortunately, due to incompatibility between virtual TAP and TUN adapters and devices with ARM processors, NordVPN will not work.

However, you can try setting up a manual connection method using the IKEv2 protocol: – Kansas

June 2, 2024 • 16:01

In the case of these specific audio terminals, their developers already have versions of them or tools to convert their x86/x64 architecture to ARM. These programs are also available for use on Apple computers equipped with the chip. Apple silicon, and its architecture is also from ARM. However, it is true that there may be many programs that are not available on ARM, or plug-ins or add-ons that are not available or have limited compatibility.

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Prism simulator for creating bridges

Microsoft has developed its own emulation tool with which computers with its own chips can be compatible with most Intel software or other x68/x64 processors. This is similar to what Apple did when creating Rosetta 2, with which it was able to move to its own chips. It’s called Microsoft Emulator PrismAccording to the company, it is capable of running applications 20-50% faster than other similar emulators today. However, the best performance will always be that guaranteed by applications developed for ARM locally, which is why Microsoft is interested in expanding the catalog of these applications as quickly as possible.

This is also important for video games, powerful software that can be slowed down or seriously affected by running on an architecture with poor compatibility.

“Excel, OneDrive, and OneNote. “Chrome, Spotify, Zoom, WhatsApp, Blender, Affinity Suite, DaVinci Resolve, and many more now run natively on ARM for great performance with additional apps, like Slack, launching later this year,” Microsoft shares from Web.

“In fact, 87% of all minutes people spend in apps today contain native ARM versions. And with the new and powerful Prism emulator, the apps offer a very good experience, regardless of whether they are original or fake.

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