There's something organic floating on Titan's surface, moving, that astronomers are still fascinated by – teach me about science

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In the solar system, Saturn's moon Titan has baffled scientists. Scientists For decades with its exotic landscapes and harsh conditions. However, a recent discovery has shed light on one of its most intriguing mysteries: “Magic islands“At first, these ephemeral formations were mistaken for gas bubbles, and they may actually be glaciers. Organic materialsaccording to Stady Published by Xinting Yu of the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Titan, which is larger than Mercury and our moon, has a dense orange atmosphere, composed mainly of… nitrogen And a touch of Methane. This unique atmosphere generates 60% greater pressure than Earth's, while its atmospheric pressure is 60% greater than Earth's. Liquid bodies On the surface it consists of Ethane And Methane, offering a unique celestial spectacle. the “Magic islands“, observed as bright, moving dots in Titan's seas, have baffled researchers. Scientists Since it was discovered by NASA's Cassini mission a decade ago.

Initially, it was speculated that such ephemeral formations could exist Nitrogen gas bubbles Or even floating islands Solids. However, the latest research suggests a revolutionary theory:Magic islands“It can consist of Organic materials Floating, resembling pumice on the ground. This finding becomes especially important with the arrival of the next Dragonfly mission, scheduled for the next decade, which promises to expand our knowledge about this intriguing satellite of Saturn.

Titan's upper atmosphere hosts organic molecules that freeze and fall to the surface, creating a dark, wavy landscape. The main question that puzzled me Scientists IS: What happens when this hydrocarbon “snow” deposits in lakes and rivers Liquid gas Who is Titan? Xinting Yu's research suggests a great answer: Solid organic matterWhen entering this Liquid bodiesIt does not dissolve due to saturation of organic molecules. The suggestion is that this material should have a porous structure, similar to… Beehiveto float, which explains the “mysterious” formationMagic islands“.

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The study also indicates that a thin layer of… Frozen solids It could be responsible for the apparent smoothness of Titan's seas and lakes. This discovery changes our understanding of Titan's surface, suggesting that the apparent quietness of its liquid bodies may be the result of a thin layer of Solid organic matter Which acts as a sort of cloak over Extraterrestrial oceans.

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Yu's research not only reveals the “secret”Magic islandson Titan, but it also offers a unique perspective on the complexity and uniqueness of this intriguing, alien world. Titan, with its similarities and differences to Earth, has become a distinct field of study space exploration. Its atmosphere is dense and Liquid bodies Unique book that raises fundamental questions about formation and evolution Distant worlds.

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