There will come a time when a job won’t be needed: Elon Musk – El Sol de México

Founder of Tesla and owner of the social network X (formerly Twitter), Elon MuskHe said this on Thursday during a conversation about artificial intelligence With British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, that “there will come a time There will be no essential jobs“.

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After the security summit Amnesty International The event was held at Bletchley Park (UK), where Sunak and Musk spoke for about an hour at London’s Lancaster House palace in front of an audience of Business leaders.

The British Prime Minister was responsible for asking questions to the American Pole who described the matter artificial intelligence As a “magical genius” capable of leading humanity toward “Age of abundance“.

“We will not have a universal basic income, we will have a universal high income. In a sense, that will be a form of… Equalize and balance“Because I truly believe that everyone will have access to this magical genius,” Musk said during an event that may be postponed until X.

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When addressing an issue RobotsThe businessman stressed the necessity Manufacture it with a mechanism so you can turn it off if necessary.

“It’s absolutely something we should be worried about. So A Robot They can follow you anywhere, so what would happen if they received a software update one day and stopped being friendly?” he asked.

Founder of the Space Rocket Company Amnesty International To keep humans company. the Autonomous systems “He will be able”I know you better than anyone else“Maybe better than yourself,” he said.

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“You’ll have a great friend,” he said. muskwho explained that one of her children has “some learning issues and difficulty making friends” and that “an AI friend would be great for him.”

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