There will be no audience in the last days

The LaLiga team and much of its clubs are furious after learning of the government’s position not to allow fans to enter the first and second division stadiums. The employers’ union does not understand the abuse of the Ministry of Health, and they are not left to their surprise when they learned that in the regional committee of health advisers held this week, nothing had been agreed on this possibility after the spokesperson of the central executive authority admitted on Tuesday. In appearance he was working on it.

It was the Sports Minister, Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes, who was outspoken when she started gaining the power of an audience potential in the last four days of the league. “At the moment, in the short term, there will be no fans at the football or basketball stadiums. When there are guarantees and security there will be an audience. Meanwhile, if there is no certainty and the risks remain, it will not be possible. It is not a matter of a sports standard, but rather a health standard, “the minister decided.

It must be remembered that in the second (b) and the third, the public is accepted, as it is the responsibility of the autonomous communities. However, Rodríguez Uribes insists that spacing must be defined and the fan’s safety ensured. “When they tell us that there is no risk of organizing a football match with the fans, it will be. This minister would be happy that this happened, but we need guarantees.

The failure to open the stands contrasts with the steps he began to take in England. The Prime Minister will allow up to 10,000 spectators to attend the stadiums for the matches that will conclude the season, after obtaining the approval of the Public Health Authority in England. Additionally, fans of visiting teams will also return to the sports stadiums, according to the English press.

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Are you visiting the fans?

The change comes at a time when coronavirus restrictions continue to relax across the UK. According to the government roadmap, the stadiums will be able to open their doors to the masses from the 17th of this month, at 25% of their capacity, or with a maximum of 10,000 spectators.

In principle, it has been suggested that no visiting fan should be allowed to travel with his team, but those in charge of the Premier League have negotiated with government officials to allow their return this season.

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