There will be a dialogue with the UK regarding the Mexican detained in Qatar; The family will go on strike

Enrique Guerrero, the brother of Manuel Guerrero, a Mexican detained in Qatar due to his sexual orientation, announced that this afternoon they will lift the sit-in they have organized since Monday in front of the British Embassy in Mexico City, since the start of the dialogue with the authorities. British agreed.

“We already have what we were looking for here at the embassy, ​​which is an invitation to a dialogue tomorrow, March 6, but with the British Foreign Office, directly in London. Something that seems to us to be progress and an achievement for protest and social mobilization, because it is clear that the pressure campaign has paid off.”

In an interview with Crystal Mendivil for Imagen Televisión, he noted that in a few days Manuel's next hearing will be in Qatar.

“It is March 13, when it will be decided whether he will be deported or distributed, and thus his life and health will be guaranteed, as well as his human rights. Or, on the contrary, it will be decided whether he will be brought to trial after being arrested because of his sexual orientation.”

He explained that since Manuel refused to acknowledge who he had sexual relations with, they deprived him of the antiretroviral medications he takes regularly because he is HIV positive.

He added that the Mexican detained in Qatar because of his sexual orientation was subjected to secret interrogations to expose members of the gay community in that country.

“They only gave him medicine for two days, and when we protested, they took them away again and subjected him again to secret interrogation at night, until he confessed to those he had sexual relations with or denounced the other members.” From the LGBT community living in Qatar. Since he refuses to do so, they are keeping him without his medication.”

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He denounced that the Qatari authorities have created a modus operandi through which they create fake profiles on dating apps to persecute members of the LGBT+ community as if sexual orientation were a crime, which is why he insisted that it is a human right that they must do so. It is defended.

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